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Rent Camp JYC

Camp JYC is available to rent during our operating season, which is May through October, excluding July. Please refer to our calendar to check availability.

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Half Day: up to six hours of use*


One - two nights

$375 per night

Full Day: up to 12 hours of use* (not including an overnight stay)


Three - four nights

$350 per night

*”use” means any member of your group is physically present on the grounds

Five or more nights

$325 per night


Accommodations at Camp JYC are rustic. Our cabins are not heated and are equipped with wooden bunks. Linens, bedding, and mattresses or pads must be furnished by the renter, if desired. Restrooms and shower facilities are located in a separate building from the sleeping quarters.

Our facility is located on 160+ acres of woods and meadows and includes:

Camp JYC Layout


Camp JYC Birdseye View

If you are interested in using Camp JYC for your event, please refer to our calendar to check availability before submitting the following forms (for best results use Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chrome):

Facility Use Request Form

*Members and current attendees of the Franklinville First Baptist Church Family are also required to complete this form, but asked only for a donation towards the cost of using the facilities.

Hold Harmless Agreement

Rules and Regulations


You may pay online using your credit card or PayPal account below. There will be a 3.5% processing fee added to your total if paying online.

Please direct any questions by email to


Camp JYC Facility Rental
Rental Dates